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C1NM et Master Scs Po finance + diplomes d’expertise Navispec France est la société qui porte mes missions de développement de projets et d’interventions techniques Navires.
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Presentation of Navispec France

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In 2003 started the Cy S2F Conseil in Paris and the Cy Navispec in Dubai.
The Cy in Paris was named Navispec France after merging Navispec and S2FConseil in 2012 when joining the FIPAM group. See

We are consultants and surveyors having the constant care to prevent any conflicts of interest with any subsidiaries of the FIPAM group that also runs yards and systems suppliers but we are also getting benefit in term of know-how and training from these subsidiaries to successfully perform our missions.

Our missions are:

1. Project management

Missions of project management may be divided in several parts:
• Market analysis and follow-up
• Technical intelligence
• Corporate and systems value assessment
• Business plan design
• Feasibility study including SWOT and Risk matrix
• Action plan recommendation and mark up
• Technical achievement from specifications to building

2. Technical expertise

Condition surveys of vessels: chartering, sales, quality audit, ship structure…
Designing and building up specifications for condition based maintenance solutions for vessels

Third party survey:
Damage, running condition investigation, repair and upgrading assessment

Harbor surveys:
Berthing systems design, beaconing assessments, maneuvering studies

Systems specialization:
Propulsion shafting and components, Corrosion and fouling protection, steering systems, lifting and mooring equipment, composite materials for piping and repairs …
Port fenders and beacons…

3. Superintendent duties

Repairs and maintenance supervision further to surveys and projects management as description preceding

4. Training

• Condition based maintenance
• Ship Structure investigation & maintenance
• Ship systems

Port systems:
• Berthing fenders
• Berthing conditions
• Maneuvering
• beaconing

Samples of References in France:
• Training of crew for various safety systems
• Certificate renewal for river ships
• Wind market follow up for a system maker
• Thruster damage investigation on a mega yacht
• Investigations on steering systems
• Designing berthing systems needs for a new port project in Africa
• Debriefing vibration analysis for investigating regular damage on propulsion shafts on a container vessels’ series
• Training for design of berthing systems
• GNL bunkering station tender bidding assistance
• Propulsion damage investigation on Mega yacht, fishing vessel…
• Hull condition and repair assessment of river ships, sea Barges…
• Project management and value assessment of an innovating ship project
• Oil performance analysis of a ship system
• Bidding for a port beaconing refit tender
• Mega yacht watertight doors damage investigation
• Cathodic protection Investigation on a Mega yacht
• Cathodic protection and propulsion damage Investigation then repair supervision on container ships series
• Bidding on 2 tenders for river ships port fleet reclassification
• Frigate’s bridge investigation for configuring the best sun glass protection
• Propulsion damage and repair supervision of a navy ship
• Feasibility study for a repair yard set up

Last but not least:
• Fr-Accreditation of Navispec France as training center
• FIPAM Group missions for project development and shipyards assistance
• Worldwide Missioned on ships for Navispec UAE : Condition surveys, classification, pre-inspections …